Wild Riperz Win Dance plus 2 or Piyush Bhagat?

Wild Riperz Tanay Malhara win dance plus 2, 14, was not the first choice to make it to the Top 6 in Dance Plus 2. The cute, little teenager from Jalgaon, Maharashtra, who had also participate in DID L’il Masters Season 2, amazed all with his flexible dance moves, so much so that everyone from mentors to audience wanted the little boy to somehow gain an entry in the dance plus 2 winner Top 6.

While the Top 5 contestants—Piyush Bhagat dance plus 2 winner, Mingmaa, Sushant Khatri, Urban Singh Crew, The Bandits were selected swiftly, the final spot had as many as 10 contenders vying for it. It was certainly not an easy decision for judge Remo D’Souza to select just one contestant out of 10.


So when Dance Plus 2 stage saw one after another brilliant performances, it increasingly became difficult to make the final choice.

dance plus 2 winner announced When Remo announced that it was Wild Rippers crew that had made it to Top 6, all the other participants were heartbroken. Remo then said, “It is not possible to break the rules, but it is always possible to bend the rules,” adding that the Top 6 will now be converted to Top 8 and two more contestants will be allowed entry to the next round.


It was then the magic happened. dance plus 2 winner trophy Little Tanay’s name was announced and he finally gained entry to the Top 8. Apart from Tanay, Elle Angles also made it to Top 8. However, we will surely miss F.A.M.O.U.S group, Faizan Malik, Yo Highness, Shazia, X1X crew, Pallavi Vrushabh and Amit Sakshi on Dance Plus 2 winner wild riperz.

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